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The stripy hole: Part III

I was officially told by my lawyer, Paul __________ that the Crown Counsel had decided to drop the case, no charges, no record. So I guess no harm done, well, if you don't count me losing my job, my peace of mind and ten thousand other factors in my life that have been seriously fucked up by this event... All I've got to say is fuck the government and, of course, fuck the police. This serves nothing but my catharsis because nothing changes in the domain of the law except for the rich and famous.

Thank you to everyone who supported me through this hard time in my life: _____ ___, of course, for her strength and determination; David _____________; my father, _______ ___________, for his understanding; Blazej _________ for his compassion; _____ ____; Dr. _______, my family doctor; Dr. Duke and Dr. Sienicki, my psychiatrists, and everyone else!