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The stripy hole: Part II

This is the information I have given the police officers at the time of my arrest on Friday April 6, 2001, as well as during all and any questionings I have had during the period of my arrest and time in jail, my conversation with any police officers, correctional officers, the province-appointed lawyer and the Justice of the Peace:

At around 1:00 AM in the morning of Friday April 6, 2001, I was having a loud argument with my girlfriend ________. The epicenter of the argument came to the point where she insisted that she was not "good enough for me", obviously wishing to do herself physical (possibly fatal) harm, given her past experiences with self-mutilation, and other conditions. (I choose not to mention those conditions and events here out of respect for _____'s efforts to leave her past behind her, and out of love for her.) Her personal statement can be read here. It fully conforms to the facts I have consistently presented of the situation at hand).

I have gotten angry, but no real violence had ensued. I had merely prevented _____ from harming herself by repeatedly not letting her get up from the couch where she was sitting, pushing her into the couch. As much as two-three slaps on the face could have possibly been exchanged between us, but neither _____ nor I feel that I had in any way "assaulted" her.

At around 1:30 AM to 2:00 AM the police had knocked on the door. We have not heard them, given our loud shouts and the music I was playing in the apartment at the time, which, I must note was (in my evaluation) not loud enough to be a disturbance to any of the apartments (namely, 313, 315 and perhaps the apartment directly opposite my and _____'s apartment, 314). After I had unlocked the door, I have seen three policemen, two of which came into the apartment, the other one staying with me. Soon thereafter, one of the police men came out of the apartment, told me that _____ had a bruise on her eye (which, according to the nature of the broken capillaries in her skin turns a bit reddish when she cries, and is usually gone by the next morning) and that I had "possibly given her that". Then, one of the officers had read me my rights, told me that I was charged with assault, gave me my clothes and handcuffed me. I was then lead downstairs in the shorts and t-shirt I was wearing at the time, not even being allowed to change into warmer clothes (which were however given to me to carry).

As I an one of the officers were leaving the building, a neighbor from 315 (who had previously had tried to forcefully enter _____'s apartment, threatening her) had told the officer that I (even though he had never seen me in person, and vice versa) have continuously made noise which disturbed him. It should be noted that the Strata Corporation is very meticulous about noise and other disturbances and in all of _____'s time living at ________ ____ Street (and mine 4 months of living there) not a single complaint was lodged against me or _____ by any of the tenants or the Strata Corporation.

I was then transferred to the ___ ____ Street jail where I was tossed from room to room at least three times in the period of two or more hours without any explanation of my situation. At about 4:00 AM I was fingerprinted, given my phone call (not being able to reach anyone at such an early hour of the morning) and led to my cell (given only a blanket, forcing me to sleep on the floor), in which I spent anywhere from seven to eight hours, at which point I have talked to the lawyer appointed to me by the province (who was quite courteous, as he civilly wrote down the details of my case and told me that if the information I had given him was indeed true, I would be out the same day).

After a long wait I was given some food, which was obviously someone's left or forgotten meal, consisting of a dried-up muffin, some corn flakes in a Dixie cup and apple juice. Then, after a wait longer yet, I was allowed to speak to the Justice of the Peace who released me in accordance with the following conditions:

  1. I was to have "no direct or indirect contact with...________".
  2. I was "not to be within 1 block radius of the 1000 block of ____ Street in the City of _________...except on one occasion in the company of a police officer, to collect my personal belongings".
  3. I was "not to possess any weapons".

The third condition seems reasonable, but why was I not to see _____, even if she admitted that she had not been assaulted my me? Why was I not allowed to visit my own home? After about an hour's wait, I was let out onto the street. Through collect phone calls from public payphones I succeeded in making contact with my father who then picked my up. He had at a later occasion visited _____ and collected some of my personal belongings, and a copy of her statement from her. I am currently residing with my parents and grandparents at ____ ______ Street. My court date is scheduled for April 10, 2001. _____ is not going to testify against me, or press charges; I am confident that I will be (at least partially) cleared of this matter.

This is a clear example of the militant nature of _________'s police officers, if citizens like myself, who objectively do no real criminal harm can be misjudged and mistreated. The actions of the _________ Police Department and Correctional Facility, as well as the entire governmental machine had for now separated myself and my girlfriend ________, contrary to our common wishes. These had brought much nervous tension to my life (in addition to my brother's recent suicide, my sexuality and identity crises and me being recently diagnosed to possibly have bipolar (manic-depressive) disorder which was triggered of influenced by all or any of the events that occurred in my life over the past 6 months to one year). As well, all these events have an effect on the possible decrease in my mental and physiological health due to the tremendous stress that such events bring. I should not even mention that this situation would prevent me from working due to the psychosomatic, physical or circumstantial conditions brought on by the sequence of the above described events, for at least a few days, possibly costing me my new job.

The process may be costly to _____ and I materially, as well as emotionally, yet I am confident that this matter will be resolved as soon as possible, and will reunite me and my girlfriend ________. All I ask the system for is to act in the interests of justice and not according to internal deficiencies of agencies and/or specific executive bodies that had allowed to generalize an event in a troubled relationship, (successfully struggling to resolve its internal setbacks) as a full-scale crime.