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The stripy hole: Part I

I have been unjustly arrested and jailed for over ten hours for the alleged assault of my girlfriend, ________. Here is her statement:

To whom it may concern,

This is my personal statement regarding the arrest of my boyfriend __________________ this early morning. _______ has been charged with physical "assault", I presume, because of a loud verbal fight we had this evening which escalated into a shouting match and the police were alerted. They thought he had abused me due to a red blotch I had from crying on my face.

_______ and I met in the fall of last year. We have been officially living together for 3-4 months in our present apartment in downtown _________. The problems which are catalysts for our heated arguments lie largely on my cognitive disorders. By this I mean that I have been diagnosed in the past with a bipolar depression disorder, and a physician has asked me to seek psychological help for OCD tendencies. As a result of my mood swings which fluctuate between manic hyperactivity and intense anger and verbal assaults on significant others, _______ and I have been getting into verbal fights quite often. On top of that, I frequently become hysterical and threaten to commit suicide so he has had, on occasion, resorted to having slapped me to stop my screaming and verbal self-deprecation. In turn, I hit and slap him back for restraining my attempts to injure both myself and him. Understandably, this would be viewed by authorities as "assault"’ on his part. However, I would [like] to stress that we both have used the physical slap’ towards each other and he has only resorted to incidental slaps in order to bring me back to my senses, if you will. I can verify with a physician’s [sic] note that I have taken antidepressants in the past, have sought counseling and am in process of seeking additional counseling for my intense hyperactive mood swings. In the past, this has led to bouts of deep depression for me, coupled with self-injurious behavior, all of which were rooted in my emotional inconsistencies.

_______ and I are currently fighting due to the many psychological and incidental stresses in our lives. As I am prone to my volatile mood swings most while under intense stress, I am presently rushing to make term paper deadlines and exam times so I have been extra agitated. _______ is under intense stress and going through grief trauma at present due to the suicide of his younger brother last October, an incident he is seeking professional counseling for right now. In addition, he is concurrently holding down a full-time job while taking college courses in hopes of attending UBC in the fall.

We are both law-abiding, ambitious young students and adults. I would like to stress that I am as responsible for this incident as _______ as it is I who has been seeking fights and throwing verbal assaults and tantrums which elicit any pleading and subsequent shouting from _______ to calm me down. There has been no violence in our relationship in the past which would be [considered to be] "assault" under any reasonable doubt, instead I would be considered the "abusive" one if the word is defined and evaluated in its entirety. Please understand that this was a verbal fight which resulted in a lot of screaming and shouting the police heard from _______ due to his exasperation with the mood swings I have been frequenting especially these last few stressful weeks.

Thank-you for your consideration to our psychosocial background and the context of this assumed "assault" charge which will place _______ under undue guilt.