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Long live Dreamweaver!

It is with a feeling of great pride and accomplishment, that I, ladies and gentlemen, have un-installed Microsoft FrontPage XP from my machine. These early hours of the morning shall mark an end of one era, and a beginning of a new one.

While I had abandoned FrontPage and its vile ways for the past few years, the accursed program has always maintained a presence on any Windows machine I have ever owned, whether integrated with Internet Explorer as FrontPage Express, shipped with the operating system, or included in the the Microsoft Office suite. It was also always associated with .HTM, .HTML (and other) file types. Thus, it always wanted to fuck with my code, just like Word wants to fuck with my formatting. (I won't even go into how Microsoft Word outputs HTML.)

Anyway, it has always been right-click Open With > Notepad. Of course, due to an occasional mis-click I would invariably end up in FrontPage's cozy interface, yet again. Well, no more. I don't even know why I kept it installed all this time. (The compulsion to collect warez, perhaps?) At any rate, I am now ready to give myself up to my old friends, Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0, and Microsoft Notepad 5.1 (Windows XP Professional Edition).

Eat me, FrontPage. I am free.


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