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I've got two words for you

Finally, I can say a big Fuck you! to the people running Project SOC: So you were just too cool for PHP-Nuke and had to make me feel bad about it? Oh, yes. You needed to take a shit on the old _____.com. You needed a forum for like-minded right-winged, Nazi-esque, sheltered homeboy rantings. You wanted everyone else to shut the fuck up. No more!

My time has come, so here's my blog, telling you to shut the fuck up and start looking around you before you open the lie/propaganda/shitfuck opinion dispenser that you call a mouth. Here's me saying a big Fuck you! to ______, for turning his back on me (acting all high-and-mighty with his shitfuck pseudo-Japanese ideals; to _______, for his white-boy-know-it-all-let-me-beat-you-down-with-my-superior-rightist-brain; to ___, for the unending guilt trips and hypocrisy; and to all the other fucks who are so fucking deluded that they post "Oh yeah, I'm, like, so into ProSOC!" To all these false friends and bullshit allies: Fuck you!


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