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Telus (who, as you know, just over a year ago has bought out Clearnet, and merged it with their Telus Mobility operation) is finally getting smart. First of all, they dropped the often-inconvenient contract payment, and adopted the funky and convenient credit card option. Second, they now have phones with reception that actually stays clear when you cross a bridge or just go to your basement. Third, they have adopted some pretty cool phones, which brings me to my next point: all past Clearnet users can now exchange their old Qualcomm QCP-1960 Thin Phone for a free, brand-new, funky Audiovox CDM9000 Dual-Band Tri-Mode Digital CDMA Phone.

The features are more than satisfactory: the phone features better SMS, data, fax, e-mail, and web services, better coverage (with its tri-mode 800MHz Amps/CDMA,1900 MHz CDMA operation), and a really slim and powerful 950 mAh Li-Ion Battery (up to 190 minutes of talk time and 170 hours of standby time until next recharging). As well, it features all the little gimmicks the Qualcomm Thin Phone lacked: better address book and dialing memory, voice activated dialing, better security, vibrating alert, alarm, countdown, and many other perks. The phone is also headset- and datalink-capable.

It is interesting to note that, according to the sticker on the side of the phone, the CDMA Service is still provided by Qualcomm (because, it appears, Qualcomm has pioneered it). Sweet.

Just in case any of you were wondering, my cell phone number is still _____ 837-9927. This number is also SMS-capable (if you are not signed up for SMS service, you can e-mail my cell phone).


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