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Free at last

Bink from WindowsXP.nu has announced the final Microsoft Windows XP build number: build 2600, for us w4r3z d00dz to scavenge for. This is the same build that is going RTM and to stores, in 58 days. Of course, I'm sure that one group or another has already released a 0-day ISO.

According to Oth.net, my main source for FTP leech trading, the currently available releases are Windows XP Home Edition (Personal) (which is the inferior model), and the cracked evaluation version of Windows XP Professional. I'm going to wait for something more reliable, then snag it up (unless, of course, one of my Hong-Kong friends brings back a Chinese rip :).

In anticipation of the release, I have downloaded Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (build 2600, now available for public download), which will be included (finally, with an uninstall option!) with all Windows XP releases. Nothing changed much since build 2474, however there will be a few pleasant surprises for 5.0 and 5.5 users, such as extended privacy (better control of first- and third-party cookie restriction), better security and encryption authentication, and faster and more efficient media handling.


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