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Flights of fancy

I went to the __________ International Air Show with David ___, David ____________, and Frank _______. There were a few of the usual flight displays, as well as some static airplanes. The B-2 did not show up as promised, but one of the items was the F-117 Nighthawk, surrounded by a double barrier and US Marines in camouflage uniform, toting automatic rifles and sidearms (who, by the way, made a killing selling B-2 t-shirts and hats). According to a sign in front of the plane, use of deadly force was authorized.

None of the crew responded to our inquiries regarding the materials the plane is manufactured out of, replying hazily that it was the shape but not the make of the plane that allowed it to be invisible to radars. Oh, and I almost snapped a photo of what David ___ eloquently termed to be a "butch" female recruit...or maybe I did; I can't remember. You'll find out when I develop the film and put it online. Here's to hoping the US Military will not be on my back over this.


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