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Enemy of the State or the state of the enemy?

I saw Enemy of the State with my parents, once again. It's a silly, silly movie, but it's well written and it scares the hell out of newbies. It made me think about the webcam and what I allow and disallow the world to see (with the aid of anti-viruses, firewalls, and other such tools). Security is an illusion, albeit one inherent in human consciousness.

The film also made me think about the ever-converging information-to-life-form ratio: it seems that information will engulf humanity in less than a hundred years, by my estimate. If the efficiency of computers grows more than exponentially (as it does these days), then we will entrust more and more into the hands of the machine. Thus, we would either be destroyed by the fuzzy logic of our creations, or outwitted by artificial intelligence that would not be satisfied with merely being, but would want to do something about it. There's nothing particularly new about this grim outlook, but it's something to think about.

In other news, I've downloaded a very rare anime called Memories. I am very curious about it.


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