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Dispatches from Japan: Day 6

Today, I visited the Fukushu-en Chinese garden. There, I fed and photographed the ravenous koi and red-eared slider turtles, as well as the American Ospreys flying overhead (incidentally, they turned out to be the cause of the street protest from the other day). After experimenting with waterfall photography, I walked by the Palette Kumoji Mall, bought some alcohol for the folks in Calgary, and then went looking for the Stussy store for Derek. Next, I walked down a nice, paved road of some sort, until I reached a McDonald's. Finally, I returned back to the hotel. Tomorrow, I shall visit the art museums.

Man. Sasuke Rising is a seriously entertaining show. It's a sort of obstacle course that requires feats of strength. I also like the fact that what looks like the Japanese version of The Gong Show has a trapdoor instead of a gong.