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Dispatches from Japan: Day 4

Oh, man. My feet are killing me. I walked through the Makishi Public Market, and then went by DFS Galleria again looking for Shintoshin. Next, I went to the ruins of Sogen-ji, where another solicitous Japanese man showed me the God-tree. I was quite impressed. Finally, I had some food in a park where I had a bit of an Eric Cartman moment with a wild kittycat:

Kitty: *nyan*
Mike: No, kitty, I can't feed you! There's a sign right there!
Kitty: *nyan*
Mike: No, kitty, I'm sorry!
Kitty: *nyaaan*
Anyway, I'm going to hide out in my hotel room until Christmas passes. Here, it's a romantic holiday and seeing all these couples makes me sad. :( This is how I really feel about the entire affair.

Oh my god. They are showing a badminton champion lobbing birdies at a boxing champion on TV. This is awesome.

I forgot to mention one thing: At one of the monorail stations, a guy and a girl (he, dressed as a reindeer, she dressed as Santa) were giving out free candy. They gave me some. I saw them on TV just now. Speaking of Japanese TV, midway through the Christmas show, a dude in a chicken suit ran up on the stage. After an exhausting chase, the chicken-man was stuffed into a cardboard microwave, where he was presumably cooked. Good times were had by all.