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Dispatches from Japan: Day 3

Yesterday was Sunday, so everything was closed and I just wandered the streets until I could check into my hotel at 3 PM. Today, however, I took the monorail to Shuri Castle and checked out the buildings and gates and whatnot (for instance, I saw a crazed, old man surrounded by many cats). Then, I saw many schoolgirls in short skirts and oversized cardigans, and walked around DFS Galleria (a mall comprised entirely of extremely expensive brand-name stores).

Finally, I got to Kokusai-dori, which was a lot more fun and colourful by night. After walking the entire street twice (and buying a few omiyage here and there), I finally took the monorail to the hotel, utterly exhausted and ready for my beer and erotic manga.

Finally! The weather is nice: 20°C. I'm beginning to enjoy myself. This morning, I mailed some postcards to Canada and then visited Naminoue Beach and the shrine attached to it for some reason. A very solicitous Japanese man showed me the sites as a shrine worker blessed some guy's car. Then, I saw lots of schoolgirls in track suits.

Holy fuck. I think I literally broke my wrist after writing these nine postcards. God damn.