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Death of a monitor

Fuck. I need Max Payne to give the eulogy...

Today, after the heroic feat of switching from 1024x768px at 32-bit to 16-bit, while running Red Faction, my trusty (albeit defunct and unsupported) Voxon Experience monitor has tragically died in the course of its duties. A proper burial was given in the back alley of ______ Street and __th Avenue with only family and friends as witnesses. Rest in peace, buddy.

It's quite surprising, though: the monitor had an LG tube and it was really quite reliable. Well, until I get a replacement I'm stuck with my dad's defunct and unsupported NEC MultiSync M700, that can't even go above 85Hz or 1024x768px, and displays 32-bit like 16-bit. This is like a sign from God...that I need a new monitor!