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I have an old program called Vulcan Biorhythm 97. It displays graphs of the physical, mental, and emotional biorhythms of an individual for any given period of time. All you have to do is enter your date of birth. Funny that I should come to think of this now, because, on a few occasions, the program's results have coincided perfectly with real-life events (1998-1999 grade 11 IB Retreat, and the _____ ________ incident, for example).

Anyway, I had this thought (which I actually get quote often)" when will I die? Well, according to the program, if I were to die on January 1, 2062, I would be 80 years old and 29,279 days old. My mental biorhythm would be at its peak, my physical biorhythm would be completely neutral, and my emotional biorhythm would be almost at its absolute low. Interesting.

To extend this inquiry a bit further, the Death Clock says that I will die on August 15, 2055. 74 years. A little worse, but still not bad at all. The Long to Live Life Expectancy Calculator is very precise, claiming that I "should" die exactly on August 1, 2066 at 8:27:57 AM, which would make me an 85-year-old, and if I watch my "health, lifestyle, diet and environment", 93 (not likely). This seems to be more reasonable, because this clock actually takes into consideration important statistical factors such as types of food consumed, smoking, unprotected sex. (Well, my grandparents on my father's side of the family are still alive and well, and in their 80s.) Anyway, the Death Meter tells me the day is December 12, 2058, which would make me 77.

The way I see it, it's shitty to be less than 20 (because you cannot do everything you want), but it's also shitty to be over 20 (because cause it's all downhill from there on), but the most horrible thing is actually to be 20. Fucking hell.