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A tale of two ethe

After having installed MySQL 3.23, and figuring out WinMySQLadmin 1.1, I had a very emotionally-driven conversation with David ___

David: wow ____, looks like you're joining in with the crowd :)
___: hehe
David: tsk tsk, and i expected so much of you :)
___: well theres nothing wrong with php-nuke. of course, i plan to customize it. i mean come on, its so versatile, any browser, any resolution. ithis is exactly what i need!
besides, i need _____ to be able to edit _______.com without knowing any html u dig?
David: uh-huh sure ____ i hear ya :)
___: come on dude. maybe you have enough time on your hands to write your own php, but i am only interested in content, not showing off my mad skillz.
David: if content is all you're interested in, you can have alot of that without giving in to packaged bbs deals man. why even bother with php or sql databasing when html and maybe blogger as well is fully sufficient for your purposes?
___: valid argument. but its completely system-wide compatible. like i said, resolution wise, system-wise. writing html the way i di was inefficient. php generates pages, i9t saves time, space and server load. hey, it's not like i'm selling out or saying that i "designed it"...im just saying that this is the point where i admit that i dont have the will or the need to learn certain things, and that others have created a good solution to my problem, and why not use it?
David: i think it's the spirit of originality that's one of the most important aspects of any website :) i mean if you use this phpnuke thing, why not go the next step and just sign up on blogspot and not even worry about setting up a site! but that's generic and unoriginal, and from a highly skilled designer like yourself, i'd expect a lot more!
David: even if a website is created with simple html and maybe a blogger account, but if it's simple and original, without unnecessary bells and whistles, then i'd think that's a much better site than something that looks very manufactured, wouldn't you say :) and to tell you the truth, _____.com looks very manufactured right now. even if you customise it, it will still look like just another bbs, so that's two cents, take it or leave it :)
___: thy argument is very compelling. makes me feel very guilty. ill keep the php for now as an emotinal experiment :)
___: man u put me in front of a real dilemma earlier on...
David: oh did i? :)
___: yes you did. u understand of course that i have decided that i will never be a programmer (i.e. no scripting, php, java, or asp,/gci [cgi] for me) so php-nuke is a bit of a helper.its not like i cant learn it but i dont really...want tro or its like against my belie[f]s to be a programmer. hard to explain. so now youve almost convinced me to drop php-nuke... :(
David: yeah you don't need all that gimmicky stuff to make a nice original webpage. i guess i'm just a little against going with the flow of things...
___: man. u have to keep in ind that my self-opinion is swayed greatly by others becuz of mty fucked up childhood. if youn tyold me the old ______ sucked, i would have to redesign it also.
David: actually i think your old site is very original, i don't remember anyone designing those aberrations that you've created, so i enjoyed that very much
___: ok ok im putting it back. youve won :)
David: haha it's not a matter of winning or losing :) i'm just stating my opinion
___: well ill keep the php as a side project
David: yeah definitely, it's a good language to know
___: damn you :)
DD: haha don't kill me now
___: :) haha we'll see :)

And so, David ___ awoke me from my somewhat greedy, yet quite natural reverie that is sometimes born out of the need to excel. I guess, in a way, this is the same reason some professional athletes take steroids, and some important political or social figures get ghostwriters to write their books. To save face? To maintain pride? Regarding the latter, see the quotation at the top of the page. If anything, I have learned my options and I know I can work with PHP and MySQL. Every experience is an asset. All in all, peace was restored in the domain of _____.com.

[Note: Little did I know that going the way of the automated BBS system was the only way for me to learn Apache, MySQL, CSS and many other things. Hell, those ProSOC fucks have themselves succumbed to MovableType (right after showing their true rightist political inclinations). That was when I have realized that ___ was laying a bunch of bullshit on me, being the arrogrant fuck that he was (after all, ProSOC never experimented with the new and exciting; ProSOC never implemented original music, graphics, or interesting frequently-updated, content; I did. _____ did.) I was right: dynamically-generated, automated, storytelling/portal systems proved to be the better way, the way of the future.

In a separate side-note, it should be noted that I have, in fact, refined my limits of involvement with computers ;) JavaScript, PHP, CGI, and ASP are fine by me, and I am no longer interested only in the content of my pages. I put work into my stylesheets, into my graphics, and into my code. Go fuck yourself, ___, or go fuck Frank, while you're at it; he's your bitch anyway, isn't he? Tell ______ to bring the Astroglide.]


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