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A day in the life of a computer geek

I spent the day setting up a LAN/Internet connection sharing between my machine and my dad's. That involved crossing-over one of my 10/100 Mbps cables (actually working at 100MBps afterwards), and stringing that 20-metre cable around the outside of the house. That was a tedious experience, nonetheless, resulting in a nifty, little network into which my dad can also hook up his new laptop.

In other news, I saw the 2000 remake of Jesus Christ Superstar on DVD, and I am very satisfied with it. In many ways, it surpasses the 1973 version. Jesus himself was kind of wimpy, however, Judas Iscariot (played by Jérôme Pradon), Mary Magdalene (Renee Castle), and Caiaphas (Frederick B. Owens) played their roles magnificently. What more, this time around the story seemed to emphasize Judas's point of view more. The music was majestic and timeless, and the interpretation of the story is almost as good as «Мастер и Маргарита».

I should really get back to work now: I need to upload some website stuff to the City of _________ servers, but the fuckers won't let me to log onto their FTP for some reason...again. Well, we'll see about that.


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